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Dynamo Pubg Live Vote Support Online [Incredible player] in india

Dynamo Pubg Live Vote Support Online [Incredible player] in india

Dynamo Pubg Live Vote Support Online [Incredible player] in india

PUBG Mobile isn't just a popular mobile game but a platform which lets you learn from the best and watch them play. When it comes to Indian PUBG streamers, Aditya Sawant, better known as Dynamo is definitely one of the most loved.

Dynamo is a hardcore pro-PUBG Mobile Emulator player who had achieved conqueror in last season. Dynamo is the most trending name in the PUBG Mobile community. The gaming skills, commentary on streaming, headshot accuracy are the things that attract the audience to subscribe to Dynamo Gaming.

Starting off with 70-80 live watchers of his streams early on to more than 1,00,000 live watchers every stream today, the youngster talks about his inspiration, his take on the emulator vs mobile controversy and much more in our one-on-one interview with him.

Dynamo's Most Loved Snipers

The combination of AR and Sniper is Dynamo's favorite choice. Most of the time, Dynamo hunts for Air-Drop, which means he loves AWM more than anything. The headshot accuracy of Dynamo Gaming is better than anyone. He loves KAR-98, AWM, and Mini-14 to get more and more headshots in the game.

How were your early days of streaming?

I started off my channel playing PUBG PC with roughly 70-80 people watching my streams regularly. Back then even a number like that was quite encouraging. PUBGwas different from existing first-person shooters like CounterStrike and the like because the maps are much much bigger and you do everything that you would with an open-world game (like GTA) from driving cars to swimming and much more.

Dynamo Gaming Sensitivity Settings Revealed PUBG MOBILE (Hydra Dynamo) 

Chicken dinners at pubg mobile are fun. Successfully defeating enemies is a pleasure. This must be supported by better sensitivity settings. 

In the pubg mobile game, there is a sensitivity setting. This is very necessary for games of type fps (first person shooting). Setting sensitivity to the touch of a hand on a smartphone screen will make it easier for us to control our account. 


The sensitivity setting of each person is different. Because this is very related to the comfort of people in playing. Settings also vary for each device. There is a quick response, some are a little slower.  

1. Camera settings free look
This setting will make it easier for you to see objects around. When you run you can press the eye button then look around. Well, the higher the sensitivity, the faster your camera moves in viewing the surrounding conditions.


2. Ads sensitivity
This ads setting can only be felt when you are shooting. Sometimes when we shoot, the shot becomes shifted upwards, making us less able to focus shots on the real object. Usually, this ad is set until it is comfortable.

4. 3rd person no scope
This setting works when you play in the TPP (third-person perspective) + mode without aiming at the scope. So what appears is the player’s entire body.

5. Scope The
The setting of the scope consists of red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. The higher the scope number used, the more visibility the shot will be. A high scope is usually used for sniper weapons.

6. Gyroscope
This setting is useful for those who use the sensor gyroscope on the cellphone to aim at the enemy. Using a gyroscope for me is difficult, because we have to move our hands here and there to aim.




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